Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things

Sundays are good days to enjoy favorite activities and other things that make us smile and allow us to relax after a long week. Before sitting down to put the finishing touch on my newest crochet pattern design, I spent some time enjoying a few of my favorite things.

A long bike ride along the Rhine River

The first sighting of one of my favorite flowers in bloomm -- wisteria

A cup of peach-mango tea

An episode or two of one of my favorite British Shows -- Call the Midwife

And a lap full of crochet
A lap full of crochet at Go Crochet Crazy...a Cath Kidston afghan in progress.

Are you finding time this weekend to enjoy some of your favorite things? I'd love for you to share them with me! Let me know, in the comments, what you've been up to, or join my link-a-long to share your homemade and handmade favorites. Above all, enjoy what's left of your weekend!


  1. Mary I also love the TV show 'Call the Midwife', it is just so wholesome and perfect Sunday viewing.
    I got up early today and tried a new recipe in my slow cooker, balsamic vinegar and pork, the smell just wafted through the house and was heavenly. I also roasted some veggies with lots of black pepper and a bit of garlic and oil (butternut squash; sweet potatoes and regular potatoes) and we had some steamed veggies too. The juices in the slow cooker made a very tasty gravy.
    I also ripped back some knitting, I wasn't happy with it and I am my own worst critic. I am now crocheting with the same yarn. I am making some summer clothes for baby Archie, my grandson.
    My other half is upstairs watching the football on his laptop, I know when his team has scored because he get's very loud and excited with a big "C'mon, have it" that resounds through the whole house.
    I love the colours in your lapful of crochet, they're simply scrumptious together.
    Have a good Sunday my dear friend

    1. What a lovely day, Linda! I could picture you enjoying the sights, smells and sounds as I read about them. :)