Monday, April 21, 2014

Crochet Blankets, Crochet Afghans -- Blanketing My Way through Time

The other day I heard someone talking about the many crochet blankets they'd made during the past year. It got me to thinking about the crochet blankets and afghans I've stitched up, and I realized there were more than I'd remembered. Amidst all the other crochet projects I'd been relishing, I'd also been blanketing my way through time!

Since I began this blog at the end of January (I can't believe it's only been three months!!), I've blogged about eight crochet afghans -- one I'd made last year, five I made between January 2014 and present, one that's currently in progress and one I'd inherited from my grandmother. Here they are in all their crochet blankety glory...

Various crochet afghans / crochet blankets from the Go Crochet Crazy blog.

Each one holds memories of who they were made for, as well as memories of what was happening in life during the time they were made. The feel of the yarn...the joy of watching it all come together...remains fresh even though most of these afghans are no longer with me. 

There's something special about a crochet afghan. More than a pretty thing to look at or a functional item to keep you warm, a crochet blanket is like a loving hug given from the person who made it to the person who's wrapped up in it. Please feel free to read more about each blanket by clicking the link below each individual picture. 

Do you crochet blankets or afghans? Do you have a favorite that you've made or that was made for you? I look forward to hearing about your crochet blanket memories and projects. 

An Heirloom Christmas Afghan

Super-Soft, Cozy Striped Lapghan

Cath Kidston-Insipred Afghan (a WIP mentioned often, but not yet blogged about)

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  1. I think of a baby afghan I made for a friend. She cried when I gave it to her! (It was the only handmade gift she got.) Then there's the lapghan I made for my son and DIL for a wedding gift (couldn't take it to Indiana because it was too bulky and my suitcase was so small).

    I'm working on another one for them. This is one I started (ahem) a few years ago. I keep putting it down and picking it back up. It's growing much faster because I made a change (Not one where I had to rip anything out). I simply changed stitches to a taller stitch when I switched sides for the colors.

    It's a blanket made in our school colors (red and blue), only I got variations of those colors. It's a color block afghan where I switch colors in the middle from red to blue or vice-versa. About 10 rows into that arrangement, I switch the sides.

    Anyway, I am in the middle of the HDC stitch and getting close to where I'm about to start the DC. (Can you tell I wanna finish this puppy?)

  2. Mary all of your afghans are so beautiful and you're right - there's nothing quite like a cozy handmade blanket. There's a special feeling attached to it that just can't be store bought. I don't have enough fingers and toes to count all blankets I've made in my life, both for my family and gifts or donations for others. I also have the one my grandma made for me when I was around 5 years old (yep, same Grama that taught me... Gave me her crochet chair and crochet hook too, along with many now vintage pattern books from 1950 and her swatches. I actually have one of her doilies that I still use!) but along with the recent ones that I've already posted on G+, I'm about a third of the way through my rainbow puff stitch blanket that will be donated to a charity. It's soooo fun to make this; probably because of the bright, happy colors and also that I really like the stitch! I rarely make the same one twice but since this is the THIRD time I'm making this, I guess it's safe to say its one of my faves. <3

  3. We had 5 children + their spouse's 12 grandchildren when I started making blankets in January 2013. I have 4 left to do and we just received word that a new grand baby is on the way. My favorite has to be the tractor I crocheted by trial and error. I have many requests from people asking me to make blankets. I enjoy making them.

  4. Hi Mary

    I have only recently started on making blankets, the biggest one I am currently working on is the CAL from ZootyOwl I am making for my daughter. In the past I shied away from making them because they were such 'large' projects. But in the past two months I have made 3 completed blankets which is a big deal for me :) it has given me confidence that I am capable of much more!!

    Thanks for a great blog!
    Creative Crochet Workshop

  5. I love crochet blankets. There's just something so cosy and homely about them.
    I made a large ripple one which I really enjoyed. I've never been happy with the edging though, so I can see that being removed and redone at some point.

    I love yours, the nice variety ... lovely!!


  6. Such wonderful comments about crochet blankets! Thank you for sharing, everyone. :) It's clear how meaningful they are to those who make them and receive them.