Sunday, May 4, 2014

An Afternoon Along the Rhine River (and a Yarn Sighting!)

Springtime along the Rhine River area of Germany can be gorgeous when the clouds go away and the sun comes out. Today we were fortunate to have such a day as we traveled along the River to a charming little town called Rüdesheim. 

We strolled along the Drosselgasse...a narrow, cobblestone path flanked with shops and cafés. The Rüdesheimer Schloss was our first stop for their local specialty, Rüsesheimer coffee (it's got brandy in the bottom and cream on the top), and a bowl of in-season cream of asparagus soup.

As you can see, the coffee was so delicious that it was nearly empty by the time my soup arrived!

After a quick walk through town, a short gondola ride took us over vineyards to the Germania statue above and a breathtaking view of the Rhine River below.

Following the afternoon in the sun, exploring Rüdesheim, it was time to head back to Frankfurt -- my home base for one more night. 

Of course this wouldn't be a crochet blog without at least some mention of yarn. While walking around the Old Town area of Frankfurt, I came upon the sight in my next picture. At first I thought they were streamers but, upon closer look, realized they were streamers of yarn! A knitted sort of streamer. :)

I'd been on the lookout for something yarn-related, and there it was! Who knows what awaits in the next town!


  1. Mary this looks like a dream! How I would LOVE to visit such a beautiful place! It sure looks like you had an absolutely perfect day... Thank you for sharing this ... And the yarn is like the icing on the cake! Perfect :)

  2. Having lived in Ruedesheim as a child it was so cool to see it once again. I used to live in one of those houses, that when you looked out the back window, you saw the vineyards. I have some interesting childhood memories from there and the scars to prove it.
    Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us and letting me relieve some of childhood back in Germany through your pictures.
    Have a safe journey and I am looking forward to your continued reports.

  3. Beautiful pictures... How nice it'd be to take a walk in those terrains....!!