Friday, January 31, 2014

Crochet Baby Cocoons & Matching Hats -- The New Way to Swaddle

Next week I'll be traveling back home to the Chicago area to spend time with my family (two babies should be making their arrivals next week) and to attend a training with the company where I work as a tour director during the summer and fall. All the cold weather I've been hearing about makes me wish I had an adult-sized crochet cocoon to keep myself warm for the next several weeks. But I can only imagine how long that would take to make!

While the Midwest has had an Arctic-like winter, we've had a really mild winter here in the Dusseldorf area. In fact, it's been so mild that nature seems to think it's almost spring. Today as I walked down to the recycling bins a couple blocks from our house, I saw these signs of spring:

A gorgeous, flowering tree with tiny, pink buds.

Forsythia bushes in bloom by the neighbor's house.

And tiny buds forming on the magnolia tree in our front yard.

I was going to post a picture of what the weather's been like in Chicago lately, but I decided I'd rather focus on spring-like weather while I have the chance.

Anyway, when I saw my daughters, S and R, this past Christmas, I gave them each a crochet baby cocoon with a matching hat for their babies who are now due any minute. I'd also made one for a friend last year, and everyone really liked them. The positive comments prompted me to do yet another thing I've wanted to do but have been too busy...publish my first crochet pattern!! May it be the first of many! Here are pictures of the baby cocoons made with my pattern.

Crochet Baby Cocoon with Redheart Pink Camo

Heather gray yarn with off-white and baby blue trim.

My baby cocoon and matching hat pattern is available on Amazon. They're popular for photography props, but I think they're great for swaddling. In fact, every baby in the Midwest should have a crochet cocoon and matching hat this winter!

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