Monday, January 27, 2014

Granny Square Scarf -- The Perfect Wintertime Crochet Project

When I first started crocheting again, I was inspired to make a scarf after seeing this picture of one of the Olsen girls sporting what I thought was a pretty chic-looking granny square scarf. I like bright colors and eye-catching accessories, and this would definitely fulfill both.

I'd been busy making granny square projects anyway, so why not make something for myself? The thing I love about granny squares -- about all squares, really -- is that you get quick gratification from your efforts. Spend several minutes or an hour crocheting, and you've got something to show for it. And, as I watch the squares accumulate, I know they're going to amount to something really pretty when they're finally sewn together. Progress, progress!

To replicate the scarf above, I made 26 granny squares, each with four rounds. I dug into my leftovers bag and gathered up some bright colors and scraps to use for the first three rounds. Black was my chosen color for the last round because I really wanted to make the other colors stand out. My finished granny square scarf measures about 72 inches or 183 cm. I used medium-weight acrylic yarns and a US J 10/6.00 mm hook.

What do you like to make with granny squares besides blankets?


  1. It's good to see you! I'm working on a ruffles scarf and I'm actually nearly done with it, thankfully.

    I agree about granny squares. They grow quickly and you can add several in a day or week. Plus, the work you make is really individual.

    Now, let's see if this comment actually posts. Bobbie

  2. I haven't made granny squares in years! Maybe it's time to make some again.

    1. The thing I love most about granny squares is that you can make them, set them aside, work on them later'll have something beautiful. :)