Saturday, February 1, 2014

WIPs and UFOs...Oh My!

Come on know you've got them. They're hiding in drawers, lurking in the back of a closet or stuck in a pile of other UFOs waiting to become FOs. Maybe they achieved their current WIP state because they were taking too long to finish. Or, perhaps, you had a mild case of Shiny Things Syndrome and found something else to work on.

Works in Progress (WIPs) and UnFinished Objects (UFOs) are par for the course for those who crochet regularly. Personally, I don't like loose ends...literally or I try to finish what I start. "Try" is the key word here.

Last week, I was searching through my yarn supply because I couldn't find the exact color I wanted. You know how that goes. But that's another blog post entirely..

In any case, I looked through my yarn stash, which is divided into several bags. Then, because I still hadn't found the color I was looking for, I started searching through drawers and cabinets. You never know where an errant skein of yarn might be found! Glory be! Guess what I found, left in a drawer in the Spring of 2013 and forgotten completely.

 First (But Unintentional) WIP

Forgotten color block afghan
 Second (Also Unintentional) WIP

Cream, gray and blue granny squares
Third (Intentional) WIP

Beginnings of a Christmas afghan for one of my kids...but in January?!
 And the first two projects -- poor forgotten crochet squares -- were found in a Walmart plastic bag in this drawer. Shame on me! 

WIP hiding place
 The first WIP is a color block lap afghan made with super-soft 3-ply yarn I bought here in Germany. I WILL finish it because it's the perfect weight for springtime and will look nice draped over the arm of our black leather sofa. 

The second WIP -- the cream, turquoise and gray granny squares -- I honestly have no idea what to do with them. I don't have enough of the blue and gray colors to make enough squares for an afghan or even a scarf. Maybe you have some ideas. Perhaps I'll have to use them as an excuse to BUY MORE YARN while I'm in the States!!!

Tell me about your WIPs and UFOs. Come on, I know you've got some lying about, waiting to be finished!


  1. *Starts counting on fingers* Let's see here...

    Color-block blankie for my son and DIL
    Ruffles scarf for me, nearly finished
    I have the yarn for a sweater for me - just too chicken to start it!

  2. How long have you got? I've got a quilt made of one-inch squares that I've been doing off and on for the past ten years. My current quilt project is 100 different fabrics on black in a star design, plus I have the fabric for three more quilts I'll get to one day. I switch between quilting and crochet.

    In crochet, I'm half done with the dragon scale scarf for my daughter in Michigan, plus half done with one ripple afghan for my twin grandsons and have the yarn bought for the other one. After that, I'll get the yarn and start work on one for my third grandson in California.

    I'm not in a hurry to finish any of these, but I work on something or other almost every evening. It's the process, not the product, that I enjoy so much.

  3. Yes, the process is thrilling and relaxing all at the same time! I supposed WIPs and UFOs are par for the course. I just hate to have loose ends dangling....