Monday, February 3, 2014

Crochet Projects Gone Wrong

The best of intentions combined with attractive crochet photo inspiration doesn't always result in the prettiest of outcomes. Take this shrug, for instance. It's really pretty, isn't it? I'm wearing my version of it as I type, which you'll see in a moment.

Photo inspiration for the shrug I crocheted.
 It looked so pretty in the original photo that I envisioned myself crocheting one in every color to wear everywhere I went. And, of course, everyone would compliment me on my Shrug du Jour and ask where I bought it.

"Oh, this?" I would reply. "Why, I made it myself!" But, alas, my shrug didn't turn out quite like the original. And, I won't be crocheting one in every color for myself. Nor will I be wearing them outside of the house.

My version of the shrug.
Well, you can see the difference, can't you? My shrug doesn't look the same on my body because I'm not a Size 0 like the above grapevine mannequin. Plus I had the hair-brained idea to add extra rounds so it would close in the front. Instead, it made my shrug kind of slouchy and shapeless. So, I wear it with my pajamas in the morning or on chilly afternoons. I hated to see all that yarn and work go to waste.

The second crochet project gone wrong was a sweater pattern that developed as the result of a brainy idea I had. :) You see, I'm hooked on the idea of making myself some crochet sweaters (hence the shrug attempt), but I don't want to make the kind that have to be pieced together...two arms, a back piece and two front sections. I just can't bring myself to do it.

I found a pattern for a baby sweater that was all one piece and thought, "Oh, if I can modify that for an adult size, I can make one for myself!!" So I did the modifications, and I got this:

Technically also a WIP.

What's iffy about this sweater, you ask? Well, I loved the yarn on the skein. It's called "Confetti". Now, how fun is that? It sounds like whatever you crochet with it will be fun, light and joyful. Like a party in a sweater. :) But, now that it's there in all it's confetti-ness, I'm wondering if it's not a bit much. Plus, the idea in my head looked much better on me than the actual sweater looked on my body. It fits, but it's not flattering. The jury's still out on what to do with this project. Until then, it remains sleeveless and unfinished. File it under the WIP or UFO category.

Have you ever had any crochet projects go wrong? Tell me all about them...please! Then I'll know I'm not the only one whose crochet ideas don't always turn out exactly as planned.


  1. I almost attempted that shrug but decided not to. Glad I didn't! I have made them for my granddaughter without a pattern that looks prettier than theirs. Like you, I don't want to bother with a bunch of pieces. I've done one and it wasn't really very hard but a lot more work.

    Take a look at mine and see what you think. There are details on how I did it. If something isn't clear, feel free to ask.

    I don't think the confetti is too much, I think different yarns will give you a different look. This might just be a fun sweater and something in different colors might be dressy and elegant.

    You're braver than I. Don't think I could post my disasters. Well, I couldn't... I unravel them and make something else. LOL

  2. I have hats come out too big and too small due to not being able to get the recommended yarn and not knowing what I was doing. I also made a long crochet sweater that looked beautiful in the picture but it wasn't the same when I tried it on myself. I wore it once and thought I would alter it but instead gave it to a friend. I am too much of a coward to ask her if she unpicked it, I know I haven't seen her wearing it!
    Guess it happens to us all at one time or another. At least I hope we aren't the only two.

  3. The first sweater I ever made turned out to have arms that covered the tips of my fingers. It had bell sleeves, so I couldn't roll them up, so I kind of looked like a kid playing dress-up when I wore it.

    I also had the hardest time figuring out the ends of rows when I was first learning. I can't count how many scarves and afghans that ended up with angled ends. I'd start out with 100 stitches and after a few rows, I'd suddenly have 92. I did get to be very good at unraveling and winding up large balls of yarn. lol

  4. Thank you, Brave Souls, for sharing! At least we know there are at least three other crocheters who've experienced projects gone wrong. :) Maybe some more brave souls will join in and 'fess up!

  5. Oh, yes! Not gonna show pics, but I've made my disasters. I sent a scrubbie to a friend. Tried to modify it so she could use it as a trivet as well. When I finished drawing the ends in with yarn, instead of it flattening out, it looked like a doubled-up yarmulke. She says she loves it!

  6. ohh...yes i have made many mistakes in my crochet work...thays because iwad trying to fo it by myself...till then i followed tutorials at youtube n learn more.....but am still crying for the lost of wool..

  7. Love the stories, brave souls! Keep them coming!