Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Have Yarn, Will Travel -- Crocheting on the Road

If, like me, you're Crochet Crazy, then I know your motto is the same as mine. "Have yarn, will travel." When it comes to anything longer than a day trip, I can't go anywhere without my crochet bag.

My crochet bag

It's nothing fancy, mind you. Just a canvas giveaway bag from a local grocery store here in Germany. The quote on the side, by Goethe, is written in Italian on the side pictured above and German on the other side. It refers to using nature in a slow and pardonable way if we want to come out winners in the end. I don't understand Goethe, but I'm not sure many do. 

Anyway, I'm a happy camper when I can bring my Magic Bag of Crochet Things along with me. It weighs almost nothing and doesn't take up lots of space. Inside, I have all that I need: yarn for my current project, the current project if it fits, crochet hooks, scissors that are TSA-approved, crochet needles, a pink measuring tape and a few other crochet supplies. Here's a peak...

Contents of my crochet bag at present.

Because I live in Germany (but am originally from the Chicago area) and have family in Chicago, I travel between the two places a couple times per year. Plus I'm a tour director in the summer. So my crochet bag has logged a lot of miles, made it through a lot of security checks (they always want to see my scissors, but always let them through) and kept me busy on many long flights. I wonder if I could get frequent flyer miles for my crochet bag.

Today, as you read this, I'm somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, on the way to Chicago. Our family is awaiting the arrival of two baby girls, and I look forward to meeting them and spending time with my mom and kids. My trusty crochet bag will be traveling along with me. I think it knows the flight path to Chicago as well as the captain does. :) Who knows what I'll be working on. I've just finished a project and haven't decided what to crochet next. I'll have to let you know.

My crochet bag has accompanied me to Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Germany, Holland, France, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Tell me where your crochet bag has traveled! Because doesn't the suitcase just somehow seems empty without containing something related to crochet? :)


  1. Let's see, I started crocheting in 2006, so it's been all over Las Cruces (!) and to Albuquerque and Colorado. At present. I may take it to Las Vegas, if I go in May!

  2. Can't resist sharing this with you: So this lady was driving down the highway crocheting as she drove. A highway patrolman noticed her and began pursuit. He drove up next to her car, rolled down his window and said,"pull over!" She replied," no it's a scarf."

    1. Oh boy! You had me there for a second. :)

  3. We lived in the Azores for 3 years so I did my share of crocheting over the Atlantic as well!! I also got pulled aside by security at the airport last year.....I was SURE they saw my hooks and little scissors but NOPE...they said they were used to seeing those!! It ended up being the buckle on my wallet LOL I've also stitched in the passenger seat of our family vehicle all over Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma!!! It sure does make the time go by faster!!!