Saturday, February 8, 2014

Favorite Yarn Brands: Are You Loyal or Do You Try Them All?

I'm game for trying anything and, as a crochet rule breaker, I'll try different yarns even if they're not recommended for a particular project.While I'll play around with any type or brand of yarn given to me, I tend to gravitate to a select few when I'm doing my own shopping.

Until very recently, I hadn't spent any time crocheting with cotton yarn, which I talked about in yesterday's post. Now that I have, I've got to say my first love for cotton yarn is Yarnspiration's Sugar n Cream. The color selection in solids, stripes and twists inspires me to create. Soft to the touch but durable, I have many plans for upcoming cotton yarn crochet creations.

But, of course, my cotton yarn experience isn't very vast. I've looked at, felt and priced other cotton yarns. And then I always gravitate back to Sugar n Cream.

Over the past years, more acrylic yarn has worked its way through my fingers and off my hook than anything else. Again, I'll try just about any acrylic yarn if it's given to me or I find a great deal...and I mean a great deal. But, given my druthers, I choose Redheart's "With Love"  and Lions Brand. The large, soft skeins make me want to crochet large afghans or chunky scarves. There are more colors than I can choose from, leaving me feel like a kid in a candy shop trying to figure out which treats to choose.

Do you have favorite yarn brands? Tell me what you like for different crochet projects. I'd love to hear from you and possibly be introduced to a new favorite!


  1. I love a good soft acrylic and Lion Brand is one of my favorites. I masse a great baby hat from ewe ewe washable merino but it was a little expensive for me to use all the time.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Amy! I've never tried Ewe Ewe brand.