Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Weekend in Pictures

Many happenings have made this a wonderful weekend. On the blogging front, I started my first Link-a-Long with a link widget on Friday (you can still add a thumbnail picture and blog link here and I hope you will!). The temperatures have risen ever so slightly as spring draws nearer. I had a fun overnight with the oldest of the littles (my children's children) who is nine and as fun and honest as a nine year old can be! And progressed on a few crochet projects and made some exciting purchases.

Here's my springy, child-centered, and yarnily awesome weekend (thus far) in pictures.

It warmed up enough for a walk...the first outdoor walk in a month!

Oh joy, oh joy! The first robin of spring!
Teaching nine-year-old M to play Crazy Eights

Breakfast with my little friend

We laughed and enjoyed Mr. Peabody and Sherman
To go with an upcoming room redecoration I'm planning on with Cath Kidston colors.

Bought the burgandy to go with the beige for a quick chunky lapghan.
Cath Kidston colors for an upcoming Giant Granny Afghan project for Mary at
Yarn for an upcoming Giant Granny Afghan in Cath Kidston colors.

Mary at works on a new chunky stitch lapghan, pattern to come soon.
Start of chunky stitch lapghan in beige, taupe and burgandy.

Continued work on my upcoming poncho pattern!

As you can see, it's been a wonderful weekend with much-needed signs of spring, some solo time with the oldest of the littles and a few hours tangled in yarny goodness. Come join my link-a-long so we can see what you're up to. What happenings have been filling your weekend?


  1. Mary, sounds like a wonderful weekend! Thanks for sharing all of the great pictures and fun stories...I LOVE your color choices for your lapghan…I made a scarf with Homespun and it is sooo soft. So that's going to be a very cozy lapghan to cuddle up with :) I am determined to finish weaving in the ends of my grannies (20 down-20 more to go) and I'm getting excited! Can't wait to sew the blocks together, add the border and put it in the newly painted living room…I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now :)

    1. Monica, I'm anxious to see your finished afghan! Weaving in ends...not the most fun part of the project. I tend to do as many, if not all, along the way. I'm not sure I'd ever finish a project if I had to look forward to that part at the end! o_0

  2. I love the colors of your different crochet projects!! especially the poncho pattern you are working on!!

    1. Thank you, Amy! I'm so anxious to get this project off-the-hook, so I can wear it!

  3. Lots of lovely things to feast our eyes on!! I love the colours you're working with and can't wait to see the finished projects now.


    1. Thank you, Kim! I've just finished one today and am coming around the bend on the second one. :)

  4. Looks like a great weekend! Hooray for robins, and that breakfast looks amazing! My boys want to see that movie, so I'm glad to hear it was entertaining. Good to meet you through the spring fling!

  5. Looks like a very happy life -- happy to be connected and looking forward to more posts!