Saturday, March 15, 2014

Super-Soft & Cozy Striped Crochet Lapghan -- Free Pattern

As you know I've been lamenting over my decision to take on three crochet projects at a time. Normally, I'm a one-project-at-a-time girl, but I got caught up in the excitement of new projects and began feeling pressured by the knowledge that it's almost time for me to return to Germany and I wanted to get certain projects done. Two days ago, I was thrilled to check one of the three projects off my Crochet To-Do list on Off-the-Hook Thursday -- my Twisted Infinity Scarf!

In the midst of work, family activities and hosting my It's Finally Friday Link-a-Long (join in the fun!), I've finished the second project -- a super-soft and cozy striped crochet lapghan! As a work-in-progress, I loved working with the soft, chunky yarns and knew they'd work up into a thick, luxurious lapghan.

I'd had many curious "supervisors" watching to see when this soft, cozy lapghan would be finished, and over the last two days, they've given it the Paw of Approval.

Alice is the first to approve.
So does Patches...
And Ernie.
Last night I was lucky enough to enjoy my new lapghan without a cat on it, and it was deliciously cozy and wonderful! It feels like the crochet version of a favorite old pair of jeans or a warm slice of freshly baked bread that's been slathered with butter...snuggling up with it just feels good.

Super-Soft & Cozy Striped Lapghan

This is a breeze to crochet, requiring:
  • a Q hook
  • 2 skeins of Redheart Light & Lofty in Cafe au Lait
  • 2 skeins of Lions Brand Homespun in Burgundy
  • 1 skein of Lions Brand Chenille (no label, not sure of the color)
Chain to reach the desired length of your lapghan. Mine was about 5 feet long.
Rows 1 & 2: Chain 3 (counts as first DC). DC in every stitch to the end of the row.
Row 3 until you're two rows from your desired width: Ch 3, skip 2 stitchs. *DC in the next stitch, ch 1 and DC in the same stitch to form a V-stitch. Skip 2 stitches.* Repeat from * to * until the end. DC in the last stitch. Ch 3, turn your work and repeat.
Last Two Rows: DC in every stitch to the end of the row. Ch 3, turn your work and repeat.

A mostly V-Stitch lapghan works up quickly to make this chunky, soft blanket. See the Go Crochet Crazy blog for free instructions.
The finished product, folded in half.
This pattern is not a revolution. There are tons of variations of V-Stitch chunky lapghans all over the internet. I've just added my own twists of the DC rows on either end for a more stable edging, plus the stripey effect (using up more scraps!). Now that it's done, I'm really ready to turn my attention to projects that say "Springtime!" How about you?

Moogly HOHD


  1. Mary, it came out really really nice! Great color combination, too…and judging by the contentment of your ADORABLE little "lapghan testers", I'd say it's most likely as soft and cozy as it looks! Great job! :D

    1. Thank you! My furry friends are getting to use it a lot more than I am! As soon as I put it over my lap, a "visitor" comes to lay on it. It's hard to crochet with a lap full of cat!

  2. I love it!! I could happily snuggle in that. It just looks so cosy, even from only a picture. Great work, well done!!


    1. Thank you, Kim! It's very snuggly and soft. :)

  3. Mary, I love the colors! That light color looks like a cream or an ecru if it's Lion Brand. If I had it, I could check the wrapper for you. I'm definitely going to make up a lapghan for me for next winter! (Summer and heat are about 2 weeks away. :P Boo, hiss!)

    1. It does look like a cream or ecru, but it's called Cafe at Lait. It's got a bit of golden brown throughout and is one of the prettiest neutrals I've seen in a whole. :) No threat of smear weather here, unfortunately!

  4. Great lapghan - love the yarn and the colors you used. It looks like your cats really like it, too.

    1. Thank you, Kimberlee! They're certainly enjoying it. :)

  5. Very nice. Lovely colour choice.

    1. Thank you, Marianna! I'm pleased with the way it goes with the sofa and living room. :)