Friday, March 14, 2014

It's Finally Friday Link-a-Long at Go Crochet Crazy

Yippee, it's Friday, and we're just days away from springtime! Although I'm a summer girl through and through, I find springtime to be one of the most inspirational seasons of the year. Doesn't the onset of spring make you want to do a little redecorating, start a new project or do something that says "New Beginnings"?

Speaking of new beginnings, my newly published crochet pattern eBook, Four Infinity Scarf Patterns to Keep You Warm, is now available (more on that in an upcoming blog post).

One of my greatest sources of crafty inspiration is seeing what you're crocheting and creating. Join in the fun and show us what you're up to in this week's Go Crochet Crazy Friday Link-a-Long. Yay, for Fridays!

Go Crochet Crazy Friday Link-a-Long Rules
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  2. Leave a comment on the two blogs before you, letting them know you found them through the Go Crochet Crazy blog. If you're one of the first two to the party, you can comment on the last one or two from this Link-a-Long from last week (this way everyone gets comments). Please feel free to comment on more, if you like.
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  1. Hi Mary

    I linked my Easter Pocket Pals! Thanks for hosting a great link-a-long :)

    1. You're so welcome, Joanita! I invite you to join in every week! I love your creations. :)