Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Weekend of "Cozies" and Finishing the Scrapbuster Afghan

It seems it's been an odd winter everywhere this year. As I enjoy a long, working visit with my family in Arctic Illinois, my boyfriend M keeps sending me reports of how spring- and summer-like the weather is where we live together near Dusseldorf, Germany. This past Friday night, another snowstorm was forecast for our area. I could almost hear the collective groans from just about everyone living in the Chicago area.

But there's no point in groaning the whole weekend away, now is there? My glass is always half-full, and I find that life seems so much more cheerful and wonderful that way. With the impending snowstorm on its way, I decided to make this a weekend of "cozies". And, since I'll be visiting with the entire family this Sunday afternoon, I wanted to finish my "Flowers in Bloom" scrapbuster afghan to give to three-week-old Baby S. :)

From inside -- where it's warmer and cozier -- a fresh blanket of snow can look beautiful.  

Yesterday afternoon -- my mom's cat Buddy enjoying "his" garden as the snow begins to fall.

Last night outside The Little White School House to see my son acting in "Harvey".

This morning
The view outside my living room window.
As pretty as it all looks, the temperature is quite cold. Which means its a good day to stay inside where it's cozy, crochet the last few scallops on the edge of Baby S's Flowers in Bloom afghan, and make a yummy, fresh fruit salad (think warm summer days!) for our family gathering later today. But first, a few cozies to start the morning out right....

Warm blankets and the rice-filled tube daughter R made that warms me after a minute in the microwave.
Flannel PJ bottoms and fuzzy socks
A steaming cup of hot tea
"Thank you" to whomever invented electric fireplaces!
Crocheting and staying warm at the same time.
Even Alice wants to be cozy and warm this morning.
In wintertime, the lovely thing about crocheting an afghan is that it keeps you warm while you work. The finishing touches have been put on Baby S's afghan, and I can't wait to give it to her this afternoon (see the final picture below). In the meantime, the next crochet project beckons, as does another cup of tea, a snuggle with the cat and enjoying Nature's beauty from within the warmth of my home.

Ta-dah! Flowers in Bloom is ready for its new home!


  1. Beautiful pictures... Thank you for sharing, Mary! You and I think a lot alike - always thinking positive. It makes SUCH a difference, doesn't it? Enjoy your day with your family and I LOVE how the blanket turned out. It's just lovely!

    1. Thank you, Monica! It's bittersweet to finish such a special project, but I've got a couple waiting in the wings that I'm really excited about. Now I'm that much closer to working on them!

  2. I love reading your blog mary, it whisks me here, there and back again :-)

    The snow pictures look lovely, snow always looks pretty on the right side of a window. Alice looks so comfy under the blanket too.

    Baby S's new Afghan is perfect, I love it, subtle colours with a splash of vibrancy thrown in too. Bravo

    Enjoy your cup of tea Mary, I'm off to make myself a cuppa too x

    1. Thank you, Linda! It was one of those perfect days...the kind that are filled with coziness, contentment and family. I'd love to bottle a day like that. :)

  3. Hopefully, all this weird weather will end soon! We had rain and wind last night, windy right now.

    The afghan is beautiful! I'll be working on Joseph and Melody's afghan this evening (set the cross stitch aside until I can get new glasses).

    1. What type of afghan are you making them, Bobbie?

  4. I LOVE your 'flowers in bloom'. It just looks so cosy and pretty. I'm sure it was well admired!!

    1. Thank you, Kim! It was well-received and a real joy to crochet. :)