Monday, March 3, 2014

Multi-Use Crochet Gift Holder

A personal touch is what makes a gift special. Many people -- myself included -- love to receive gift cards for birthdays or holidays. As I prepared to gather with my family yesterday to celebrate my daughter R's birthday and give Baby S her new scrapbuster afghan that I blogged about here,  I considered what I might add to make the gift card my daughter had requested a little more personal and special. What I came up with was my Multi-Use Crochet Gift Card Holder.

A Go Crochet Crazy Design

This Multi-Use Gift Card Holder is wide enough to hold a gift card and tall enough to hold an iPhone. A simple crochet floral embellishment gives it an extra special touch, and the drawstring closure makes it easy to open and close. By using a single crochet until the last row at the top, it's sturdy enough to be repurposed as a coin purse, small cosmetic bag, cellphone holder or decorative sachet. I used a half-double crochet for the last row to make it easier to thread the drawstring through. As you can see from my balls of leftover yarn, this was another scrapbuster project, such as the scrapbuster afghan and the scrapbuster cat toys.

And then off we went, through the frozen tundra, also known as rural Illinois. As bitter cold as it is, I love love love that I can still see wide open spaces, working farms and small town churches within minutes of my home. :) Seeing them as we drove by made me feel as peaceful and content as crocheting.

If you're planning to start a new crochet project soon, I invite you to stop by my Amazon store to pick up the supplies you need!

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