Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wintery Weather & Exciting Crochet Projects

Snow was falling lightly when I woke up this morning. I could feel the crispness in the air as I opened my eyes, so Sophie (one of my cats) and I snuggled down under the heap of covers for a little bit longer. She's always happy to oblige when it comes to snuggles. :) Judging by the amount of snow on the ground and the bunny footprints going through it, the snow must have started an hour or two before waking time.

Neither the rabbits or birds seem to be too concerned about the snow.
Meanwhile, I continue to play a game of Tag-You're-It with this nasty head cold. One day I'm nearly better, and the next day it's gotten the best of me again. Having managed to avoid every illness in the past three years, I believe this cold has decided it's time I get caught up!

But you can't keep a good woman (or avid crocheter) down, can you? I'm armed this morning with a large cup of dark Italian roast coffee to remind me of warm summer days in Verona or along Lake Garda. Even my coffee cup is willing me on toward health.

And I have two crochet projects I'm very excited to share with you! One is nearly's the last of four infinity scarves (here's the first) I've created for an upcoming pattern book. Here it is in it's work-in-progress state.

Another project has been on my Crochet To-Do list, which I talked about here, and I'm excited to allow myself to start on it today!!! I'd forced myself to exercise self-control until I was coming down the home stretch of the final infinity scarf. Now that I'm there, I can begin working with this scrumptious yarny treat to make myself an asymmetrical poncho.

As I sit here on this wintery March morning, with my hot cup of coffee and cozy blanket, I can almost imagine my poncho -- in lovely hues of purple, blue, green and pale yellow -- keeping me warm like a favorite blanket. I envision myself wearing it inside to keep warm on a chilly day and outdoors to keep the slight chill of springtime or autumn away. I'm looking forward to showing you the finished project and sharing the pattern with you! In the meantime, it's another good day for "cozies", just as it was this past weekend. Happy Wintery Wednesday, friends!


  1. Hi Mary I love what you crocheted and thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and leaving the nice comment on the loopy scarf I made! I love all of your yarn you are using and i'm sure that the poncho and scarves will come out beautify! Happy yarning to you!
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

    1. Thank you, Julie! I look forward to visiting your blog again. :)